There’s something unique about these guys. Trust me, there is something different. Me, i am no different than a regular programmer, but these guys have that sort of charm which makes us look at them and say, “This is the team who is going to make it large.” Of course, I am a part of this team too, but a rather new one.
The guys are great. We fight, we make fun of each other. We eat together, and sleep together. I think that’s what make us so close and that’s what make our connection deep, which enables us to work together seamlessly. Of course we have our ups and downs. Of course we don’t always get along. A group of 6 people living together can never always get along. Sometimes we fight over as little a thing as food, and sometimes we get on the same page on as big a thing as how to handle a particular dodgy client. That’s how a team works, right? We fight, we abuse, we laugh and we love.
There’s one guy, the tall one. And there’s one to compliment him as well, a short one. But a mind cannot be judged by the appearance of the body it resides in. These guys are geniuses. Geniuses in different skills. You can see it in their eyes when they work, whether it’s writing code, or talking with a potential client. You can see the passion to become the best in what they do, for they won’t settle for anything less. Second best has never been an option, nor will it be in the future.
And with great mind comes great responsibilities. The responsibility to deliver a project to a client which brings a smile on their face and a feeling of satisfaction in their heart. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a satisfied client. And we live for this only. We work day and night tirelessly to achieve the same. Imagine six young guys, sitting with their laptops in front of them, brutally hitting the keys on the keyboard hoping to make something that will make our client a happy one. That’s how dreams come true, right? Working hard not just for ourselves, but for the people who have trusted us with their brands and businesses. That trust is what we strive for the most.
We know we are meant for something big. That’s why we don’t settle for small. We don’t work according to the cliched programming techniques, because everyone does that. And everyone’s not big, are they? We may not have it in our blood, but we have it in our minds and hearts and souls, we have something that will make us big. And one day, very soon, we will make it.

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